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Question: I bought Joomla! 3 Bootstrapped Template Item Name:002033 - Regular License and downloaded the zipfile ”unzip_me_first_002033_premium”. Unpacked the zipped file on my computer. Then I would like to install as002033_quickstart. I don’t have an option for unzipping the marked file on my server. So instead I follow the manual and unzipped that file on my computer. Then I transfered all folder & files by FTP Filezilla. Next step in the manual is to configure but I cant access the Joomla logon. I recived error after error. What is going wrong? My link is I have tried a lots of versions. I Use as my webhost. I can install Joomla from Bineros kontrolpanel but then it´s inpossible to get a exact copy of the template with all exampelfiles. I tried to install Joomla then the template with all extensions and it´s timeconsuming to install every modul and configure all positions... Hope you can help me? Best regards Pierre
Hello 1965HJELPE13,
What kind of error message are you receiving? The quick-start package should be installed like regular Joomla installation, for more info please see the template documentation:

Regards, AS Team.
How to get rid of "Getting Started" page? I have tried to find it out and even if a delete the page from the administrator page its still there...
Hello 1965HJELPE13,
What is your site url please? Have you installed it using quick-start installation package?

Regards, AS Team. but I have the site offline because I´m not finish. I did not use quickstart. I installed template and all the modules separate. Then I copied lots of stuff from the quickstart package with FTP.
If you would like to se I can mail the password.
Hello 1965HJELPE13,
Our template does not have "Getting Started" page, we will be able to help you only in case if the template will be installed using quick-start installation package.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi! Finally I have the website up and running! :-) I think I have a smaller problem. Under the link "Friends" the Read More button is working but it´s not look okay. On the button it should only be "Read More". I cant find any wrong in the code. Were to look? to have it correct?

When you click at the Read More button on the friends page I will have comments fields? How to do?

Hello 1965HJELPE13,
The title you can disable in your Joomla admin panel Friends menu item under article options tab, please look for parameter ' Show Title with Read More' and put it to hide.
Some more info you can find here:

Regards, AS Team.
Hi! Thanks, now I have a nice button. After many houers work I cant manage to have this blogfields: at my webpage. I tryed tryed and tryed but I could not fix it. Pleace help me to create the blogfields for comments...
Hello 1965HJELPE13,
Joomla does not have an option to put comments in the blog. In this template, for the comments we used Komento extension, you must to have it in your Joomla admin panel if the template was installed using quick-start package, otherwise you have to install it and config manually. The extension you can find in the downloaded package -> extensions folder, please look for file:

Regards, AS Team.
I use AS Template 002033. When I copy links fråm the adressfield and add them into Facebook i need to have some picture with the link. Facebook only read short text and the header? Can I put some standard picture somwere in the template?

Second question: What plugin can I use to create icon and link under articles to use for Facebook? (share on facebook!) (share on twitter etc)
Best regards
Pierre Näsman
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