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Thanks for this link.

I was frustrated to find that the images on the slider weren't automatically configured with the black arch shadow. I would like to be able to add the black shadow to the slider photos without having to work each one up in Photoshop - too time consuming. I note there is something about it on the previous page with a PSD file mentioned. Can it be sent to me?

Thanks, too, for the image sizing noted above.
We have added it in the installation package recently (premium templates only), please download it from your account.
After you will download it please unzip, you need file, unzip it, open in PhotoShop, go to Select - Load Selection, choose one selection from the Channel dropdown box, in the template we used selection 'sel3'.
Can't find file. Have downloaded file from my account, unzipped, installed, and activated. Have unzipped everything and even done a hard drive search for it but can't find Somewhere else?
What size of the downloaded file you have? The size should be around 9MB.
If not, please download it again.

Thanks. Downloaded again and have psd file but it only extracted one of your slider pictures (lightning) which, although lovely, wasn't what I was looking for. I want the clipping mask that covers the photos so that I can clip it on my own photos. Is that available? I am only using Photoshop Elements but it should still work. Thanks.
My bad! There it is! Thanks!!
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