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Hey, I'm having a problem with my template 002033 It just doesn't seem to want to work with IE all the time... is this a known issue that has an update? Really don't want to change as I love the way this one looks and already paid for it.
Hello mikemoman,
Can You please provide us with an URL?

Regards, AS Team.
Sure can my web guy working on the store pointed it out to me today.
I just got an empty email reply from you guys, was that an error?
Hello mikemoman,
There is some conflict between modules/plugins, please try to unpublishe one by one, if you still have problems please contact us through the ”Contact Us” page and provide with an access to the joomla admin panel.

Regards, AS Team.
I keep getting blank email updates whenever someone replies to this thread... My issue has been resolved, thank you :D
Hello mikemoman,
We will check the issue with blank emails, thank You for noticing about it.

Regards, AS Team.
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