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n the template 002033 version 2.5.1 joomla

When I download the file it does not appear in the list of plug-in

Did you instal it?

Regards AS Team.
In the top meu, I can not bring up more than six links on the same line. I need to put 7 links.
Have you a solution?
Thank you.
Hello Kreaumnia,

In the Header Configuration parameters panel of the template change the Shift Left parameter to 0 (zero),
as well,
you can change the 'width' size in the template.css file, look for the following class:
#header .row2 #topmenu li a

Regards, AS Team.
Always on the top menu.
I have a link ”special cuvees” that appears on two lines in the First Prev level, how to expand space for the text.
In the second level, I have the same problem, I manage to change the 175 px to broaden the menu but I can not widen the room for text.
Thank you for your help
Hello Kreaumnia,

You have to make changes in the template.cee file in following classes:

#header .row2 #topmenu li a
#header .row2 #topmenu ul li

Regards, AS Team.
After building a site with your template in localhost, I wanted to install the site on the server.
I usually make themselves for many sites such manipulation.
But with your template I have a blank page.
I arrived well in the back office but your template does not appear in the list.
the file is present on the server.
Manupulation made:
Copy of any site on the FTP serverur
Site instalation puyis copy of the database
Here is the url

Thank you for your help this
Hello Kreaumnia,
Sorry, we can't help you in this case, please check you database, or maybe you have different Joomla versions.

Regards, AS Team.

Sorry for the server installation problem
the ereur came from me.
However I have a problem menu that I mentioned in Previous requests that I have not solved.
Look in the menu 'Cuvees' menu and then under 'Cuvees Speciales'
"Pierre Marie Maxime" this is on two lines
Thank you for your help
Hello Kreaumnia,

You have to increase the submenu width, look for the following class in the template.css file:

#header .row2 #topmenu ul li

Regards, AS Team.
About my problem of sub menu width.
# header. row2 # topmenu ul li
If I change the value
# header. row2 # topmenu ul li
width: 250px;
original is 175px
This does not rule the width of the sub menu decale but the block to the
thank for help
Hello Kreaumnia,

You have to change it in: #header .row2 #topmenu ul li

Regards, AS Team.
always on the menu
yes I understand that this was the (2 posts of identical response)
the problem is that it does not solve the problem back to the site, I put a value of 275 instead of 175 px it shifts the submenu to the left but it widens it! for my title on a single line.
thank you for the exact item
#header .row2 #topmenu ul li
width: 275px;
Hello Kreaumnia,
Can you please contact us through the 'Contact Us' page and provide with access to the Joomla admin panel.

Regards, AS Team.
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