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Two questions:
1.) I changed my main menu to a Featured Article Menu Item Type, but now I cannot get the slider to show. I wanted to only show the featured articles for the main menu page category. How can I get the slider to reappear on only the main page now?

2.) How do I get sub menus to appear regardless of the active page? Currently, I only have the submenus appear (drop down) when I'm on the active page of Service or Parts.

Thanks! - Klaus
Hello klausgb,
1. Please check if it published as default home page.
2. Sorry, can you please provide us with an access to your site, currently it is offline, we would like to see the problem.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS!
I figured out the main page issue - it wasn't set as default page - works fine now!

The main problem that I cannot find now is why the Parts and Service menu dropdowns (submenus) aren't working unless you're actually on the particular Parts or Service page - I'd like to have the dropdown functionality available from all pages.

Hello klausgb,

We can't connect your site.
Can you please check that you set 'Show sub-menu items' to Yes, please see the following article, step 7, for more info:

Regards, AS Team.
I am having trouble with adding a banner to my site. I am able to place the banner where I want to on my site after having created a new module and banner. The actual banner image doesn't show up, only the title, which I will eventually hide once I can get the banner image to appear.

I'm trying to get the banner to appear at the bottom of the service page.

You can try user login: asuser
password will be menu02

Hello klausgb,
We checked your site, looks like was able to mange it?

Regards, AS Team.
I didn't do a thing to it and when I looked at it about an hour or so later, the banner was there - just as it should have been - very odd
I love your templates! I have three questions. My first question in on the 2033 template regarding news articles and how to display only a sample of the article followed by "read more" that would be the link to go to that page of articles to finish reading the article. I'm trying to get a more uniform structure to the front page, so I want the length of the columns to be the same for most of the content on that page by using the "read more" feature - I can't seem to find the correct extension or module for that. Another question on this template - how can I shade the module area (background) a different color? For example, the module in position-13 - I want to change the background to a dark gray - where can I do this and can you give me an example if it's located in the css of the page?

Thank you very much!
1. In case to have a 'Read More' button you have to use featured articles instead custom HTML modules in positions 13-15 and move the Latest News and Popular Items in positions 40 and 41.

2. For changing the background colors in any positions you have to create your own css, sorry the template doesn't have such css.

Regards, AS Team.
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