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hi - I can't see anywhere onsite at ASTemplates, that explains how to update this template.

Do I just upload the template zip file through the extension manager and it overwrites the older version ?

I tried that and got an error message saying :

Extension Install: Another template is already using the named folder: /home/thingsr1/ Are you trying to install the same extension again?"


Error installing template"

thanks, Pabs

Hello PABS111,

What version do you use? Did you do any changes in source code of template?

Regards, AS Team.
Second question - I'm trying to display 3 modules in a row, in the same position, by using a custom module suffix, which is fine except that no matter what I try in changing css parameters, and bootstrap col sizes, I can't get the row of 3 mods to display equally in all responsive positions.

Display is fine in the larger resolutions ( >900px ) and good in the smallest range ( <370px or so ) bt in the mid range ( approx 700's and 800's px ranges eg ipads and tablets ), the moduless don't behave responsively and stay in related positioning in the same row, but instead one module drops to another row, so you have 2 modules in one row, and one in the row underneath.

thanks for any help...

Just to clarify ( and not further confuse, hopefully :) ), re my previous post here :

Been struggling to get 3 modules to display side by side ( with spacing ) in the same row, and to display perfectly in all responsive size options.

Using a module css unique suffix, and variations in css and bootstrap column number selections, I can get them to work perfectly in some, but never all, sizes ( mobile / cell to large monitor sizes ). There are always some sizes that don't display as they should in certain sizes ( mostly the ipad / tablet size ranges - but it switches if I start playing with other css parameters.

I use this initially for the modules:

#header-bottom-row .threeacross {
background-color: #f4fdea;
padding: 27px 25px 46px;
width: 27%;

and using this:

#header-bottom-row .threeacross {
background-color: #f4fdea;
padding: 27px 25px 46px;

fixes displays in the smaller responsive sizes ( mods on top of each other and full screen width as per bootstrap default behaviour ) , but the larger, desktop size screen sizes then place the mods on top of each other ( not side by side as desired ) and at full screen width ( bootstrap cols 12 ).

I want three mods side by side ( in the larger responsive sizing ranges eg desktops and laptops ) that reduces to single columns in the smaller screen sizes ( by responsive default obviously ). And mid range displays that don't have 2 mods on one row and the third mod below them in another row.

and have tried width: auto.... left 'width' out entirely.... along with variations in bootstrap column numbers.

Any advice appreciated...
Hello PABS111,

Can you please provide us with site URL?

Regards, AS Team.
hi guys

As I have two questions / issues, I'll try to put both into one posting here :
(1) I have to check, but i think I remember seeing it was version 4.3


(2) To view I'd have to give you host and admin access codes, and I don't really want it posted in a public form, even without that. I really wish you guys had an email support system for all the paid template options.

I'll update you on the second issue as I've advanced a bit myself with it, though it still won't behave. Perhaps the version issue in my first question might help the second problem ?
Hello PABS111,

a. Before make any changes in code make sure to backup current version.
You can read how to that here:

b.You can try unzip file rename it to as002033 and upload on server in templates folder.

2. You can put access information in Special Info area in your AS Templates account. This is secure.

Regards, AS Team.

What do you suggest is the best method to update my highly customised site from ver 4.3 to the current one ( 5.2 ) ?

Site URL is available in My Account Special Info ( please don't publish here, thanks )

I have made full site backups using akeeba backup, and when I try to use the extension update manager I get the error message saying " there is already a folder with that name" etc.

thanks again, pabs
Re previous posting :

I've uploaded the changed ( upgraded ) files from the versions since 4.3, via ftp,which resulted in some display errors, which I assume I must have made to css core files & not custom css. Been a while since I looked at this website ( it's still not finished or public )

So I reverted back to my customised 4.3 version of all the files except for includes.php, params.php, and the upgraded registration & contact files, and the style versions I don't normally use of the template.

I upgraded com_phoca_gallery and the mod_random_image files.

All seems to be working ok, but I'm guessing I might have removed / not installed the upgrades affecting php 7 compatibilty ? would I have ? and can you tell me what else might I have done / not done ( that's important / essential ) please ?

tanks, P
Hello PABS111,
It is not mandatory at this point, but PHP 7.x version is much faster and secure.

Regards, AS Team.
And can you tell me which files of those I didn't upgrade ( see previous post ) do I need to upgrade to make the template php 7.x compatible ?

It's actually showing as ver 5.2 in admin, even though I didn't upgrade all the files.

Or do I need to upgrade all the files in the update, no excuses ?
Hello PABS111,
To make your website fully compatible with PHP version 7.x you have to replace the following files and extensions:

Regards, AS Team.
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