Wonderfull template!!

Have a question abt the slider. My client want a rather large text in the slidenews-box. But if its to large, it cut's the text in 2 pieces (2 lines above eachother). That is not the way he likes it. He would like :

1- Have a text that's a bit bigger
2- Bold & other colour
3- Have the slide-text appear directly after the first thing stopped... i mean no empty space.
4- Only to be shown on 1 line, not 2...

I can manually change point 1 & 2, but then it changes the layout of the slidetext as mentioned in the first paragraph.

The website i'm talking about is : http://www.paulbeloy.be/nl/

I also tried other slide-extensions from Third-parties, but either wrecked the layout, or it comes in pieces, with larger empty fields.

Thanks in advance,