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Hi As Team, and thank you for your work. I have AS2033 Premium Template with Sunshine style, and I want to change the color for links in the main text area, because they have the same color with text. The link hover color it's ok, it fits with Sunshine style. I have searched in template.css but I did not find the code...maybe you help me... Thank you...
On your site you are using 002039 template, can you please let us know the URL for the 002033 template so we can check the links and let you know how you can change the colors.

Regards, AS Team.
Yes sorry, I reverse the templates, hope you are not angry on me! 002033 is on and viceversa 002039 is indeed on
And another small problem :-) I manage to eliminate the background and border from images posted in the main text area, but it remains a paragraph between two lines ( paragraphs ) of text neerby the image. When I enter a paragraph of text, I need that paragraph to stay neer the image not to run down. Here is the example:

The question is: can I do it (how and where) without to altered the css (background & border) for images posted in other parts and modules? I need it only for the main text area.

Thank You!
P.S. I manage to keep the text neer the image with the insertion of <br/> insted the <p> in the html code of the article, but I don't like how it looks... Here is the example:
Maybe you give me the solution to modify the css somwhere...
Thank's again...
Nevermind, I give it up for images surrounded by text, and replaced them with your're beatiful AS Scroller. It's much better. Anyway, I apologise for so many messages with my problems and so many changes. So, if you decide, you may not publish all that crap from me, only the necesary. But I apreciate if you give me, anyway, the solutions for those situations, who still remain for future designs.

Thank you
Hi As Team,
Please tel me how do I modify position 44, I have an As Slider there, with an grey margin at the bottom. I don't want that bottom margin (or padding ) if it's possible. The site is
Thank you
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