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Can someone help me and guide me through how to edit this template? I am very lost. I am trying to edit it but it seems I am making it worse.
I believe that with the template I purchased, it included a quix extension for joomla; however, I do not see the same thing as the quix company video shows. I want to be able to edit by moving and dragging elements. It says that I have to upgrade, but i cant figure out how. My template is connected to my computer localhost, if i give you the log in, will you guys still be able to see the website?
I have and it still doesn't look the - quix pro extension. IS the quix version that i downloaded with the template different than the quix pro from themeexpert?
When i downloaded the template, did it come with quix free or quix pro?
I am having troubles again, just to make it easier, as you mention above, you could help me set this up. Is there a secure email I should sent it to?
Item Name:
ET Digital
$29.00 $23.10
Regular License
This item may be used for a single domain only.
$39.00 $29.25
Extended License

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