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What a beatifull Joomla! template you provide here.
I just have one question; is it possible to have all branches (establishment location) on the map in contact page?
i need help with template.
1. is it possible to add more than 2 details in this page (more than gallas and bo groupe) ?
2. how can i add map for location ?

login webmaster/pass!worD
Hello thank you.
now i would like to know where are stored data about the team. i can see James Alam as Project Manager but i did not found the article talking an=bout him or the category
finaly i'd like to know how to remove icon or gif file moving on home page
Hello Joomdev team.
Can you please help me solve this issue
1. on my home page i want to remove this warning message saying this "Warning
JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID: 943"
2. I would like to remove the background image mentioned by JOOMDEV in the video part next to the all award div.

Here is my home page url :
Hello Joomdev team;
Thanks for help.
I did everything you told me to solve the issue but the first issue is still showing the same error "JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID: 943". i checked all my items but none of them have this author.
And to finish i wold like to know if i can rplace the images showned at home page using the TZ Portofolio component by an other component to display theses images using a slider. I have seen FlexSlider in the extension option but need your advice.
Thanks a lot.
Everything works fine.
To finish, just let me know how to unlink image title displayed at home page.
I am using TZ Portofolio component and more specificly TZ FlexSlider module to display images. I want to display the title without the link. I've tried to update Category and Article option without any success.
Here is the home page with the issue specified
I just want to unlink the image title of the TZ FlexSlider module
You can find the credential on my purchassed item profil
I still have no response from my issue posted a week ago. can anyone assiste please.
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