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I have bought the gemini package, bun in the .zip file, in the directory for joomla 3.0 it is the wrong content, it is version 2.5 in the 3.0 library, could you please correct it.

We are waiting for it.
We have not heard anything from you.

Could you please respond to the messages ?
When do you exspect that to happen ?

It still does not Work, this is getting quite anoying.

It still says 2.5 in version, even when i use the 3.0 version in the download.

What to do ?
Where should i send the e-mail to?

I have reinstalled the whole site, it is still the same, it does not work.
Item Name:
Gemini PT
Item Version:
Regular License
This item may be used for a single domain only.
Extended License

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