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How do I install my Facebook Feed into the html. I can't access it from the template manager. I am also having an issue with the slider. It says"slider not found"

What is the cost/process to upload a custom background image.


I sent an email a few days back and have not received a response. I sent it to the info@ account
In the Yj Piecemaker module that comes with template I am unable to turn off "slide 1 description" and "slide 2 description".
This text does not appear on the rest of the slides, only the first 2. Please help
Everytime I erase the description of the first two slides it reappears as "<h1>This is your first slide info title</h1> <p> You can use p or h1 element tag to define your custom description</p>"

I can't make it go away.

Please help
Please help

I'm using the latest version of Firefox and when I try to load my site I get from my browser "Please update to a modern browser"

Please help me
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Gemini PT
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