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Dear AsTemplates/The Delightgroup.

First thank you for the great Gemini template. However it was not the easiest to work with compared to the others I've bought from you.
But I think it was worth the trouble :-)

Right now it's given me a headache trying to get my favicon to show. I have placed the favicon I want to display in the root of the themplate, where I normally place the favicons with succes.
And I have placed it a few other places just to try to get anything to show.

I've tried different browser, emtied the cahce, have the VarnishCahe disabled on the server at my webhotel.

But nothing is happening, and I'm running out of ideas.

Can you please help me out on this one?

I thank you in advance and looking forward to a solution.

Best Regards
Hi Again.

Please forget my other question, I already figured it out.
The Favicon ofcourse has to be located in the /template/gemini/image folder as the head.php states.

Likewise as I think the JAT3 overwrites the default location in Joomla (template/root) I have placed another Favicon in this folder /plugins/system/jat3/jat3/base-themes/default/images/favicon.ico
Don't know if that help on this template, but i might not hurt either.

I'm not a webwizz, and I'm sorry for taking your time on this pretty simple question :-)

Again, thanks for a great product and wish you a nice day.
Best Regards
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Gemini PT
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