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Hello, I want to buy this template "Vine" soon, But I need to do before some questions:

- It will be able to Download new future versions of this template, for example, joomla 4.5 (in a future), without pay again?

- I view the Web Site in Internet Explorer 10, and the thumbnails in the image gallery (Section Image Gallery) and the images of AS Scroller (Section Home) are much larger, when in other browsers look good, it has a solution?

I really want to buy this and many more templates.
I await response.
Yhank you very much!
hello, before purchasing this template, would like to know only this:

When I see this template with Google Chrome, or Mozilla, the thumbnails of image gallery, and image-scroll look good, but in Internet explorer 8 and 10, see really more big,... this can be repaired?

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Vine PT
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Regular License
This item may be used for a single domain only.
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