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Hi there,

I have a slightly "embarrassing" question, but I've already searched all the modules etc. and just do not find the place where I headed 'Vine, Why not? "may change.
I'm sorry to steal your time with this question; therefore particularly heartfelt thanks.

oh, how embarrassing. Thank you very much.
Good evening,

Unfortunately I have two problems with the template:

First I would like to use on each page a different slider. The compilation also works without problem, only the positioning does not work. The slider always sits to the far right. Quasi exactly on the half.
You can see it on this page:

On the home page everything is fine and if I assign the slider on the bottom of the Home page, it will be correctly positioned. In the source code here is the difference:
Home page: grid-box width100 grid-h and on the bottoms: grid-box width50 grid-h
I find no way to change this.

2 In addition, I wanted to customize the content area in its width so that it exactly matches the width of the header (normal 980px). Again, I've already tried diferse settings and adjustments in the CSS. Unfortunately, without success.

Ok, I hope I have made ​​myself clear and you have an idea about these problems.

Thank you very much
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