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Hi, im using joomla 2.5 and somehow my menu submenu item are not showing on mouse over, i have already set the setting to show submenu to "yes" what will be the problem? Or is it just not working on joomla2.5?

Next on the demo site, the module on the home page have a "continune reading" button i assume its using K2 item, however on my web its only a link instead of a button how do i have that on my site as well? This is my current on-working site.
Hi, i have another question in doubt. While using defualt joomla module "article newsflash" the intro image does not show up. After further reading i found out that i have to add some lines to the _items.php or defualt.php

$images = json_decode($item->images);
<img src="<?php echo json_decode($item->images)->image_intro; ?>"/>

where do i actually do them? On the template html? thanks kinda need the image to show up.
Hi, thanks for the reply somehow i manage to make it work.

However now i encountered with another problem, in which CSS file should i be editting if i want "language switcher" module to be place side by side with the icemenu?

I got it right for the first part, but when my menu item names starts to get longer I.E new menu item. The menu item starts to spilt into 2 row which i do not want that.

So what should i edit to maintain a linear display of both menu & language switcher module?

Hi, as this is the default module there is no option for me to change the width in joomla 2.5 .

Using firebug i realise if i could remove the width of gridbox width66 & width33 they will be side by side. Is it advisable to do so? Thanks
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