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Hi Team I just i just installed this template and can't see it in template manager joomla back end, I can see the file in cpanel directory though. is this template compatible with Joomla version 3.2.3?
Have you installed it using quick-start installation package? If so we assume that you have not installed sample data, please see the following page, paragraph: Main configuration

Regards, AS Team.
Hi As Team
Yes I did install using quick-start installation package and also checked the install sample data option. it was uploaded to hostgator using quick install. After uploading the template I got the green successful install alert but it was not visible in the Joomla back end Template Manager. I checked cPanel and the file was there. I contacted hostgator who said it was strange but they felt it was a template issue. I have since uninstalled and installed the which did work however the Phoca Gallery image module is not working. I get this error when trying to upload the An error has occurred.
404 Component not found. the installed but I get this error when I try to enable An error has occurred.
1146 Table 'trevenna_jmln1.joom_phocagallery_categories' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT a.title AS text, AS value, a.parent_id as parentid FROM joom_phocagallery_categories AS a WHERE a.published = 1 ORDER BY a.ordering.
sorry about the long winded message but I'm getting a bit frustrated with this Template can you help.
Can you please provide us with an access to your Joomla admin panel for checking the installation?

The info please put in the Special Info area under you Purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi Team I just put login details in the special info area and saved I hope that is right. Also because I'm at early stages of development I don't mind uninstalling what I have done and uploading the quick-start package. It would save me a ton of work if I can get quick-start installed
We checked your installation, unfortunately it was installed without the quick-start package or sample data. Please carefully read the following page and be sure you installing it with Default English Sample Data:

Regards, AS Team.
Hi Team as I explained earlier I gave up on the quick-start package because its broke. So to prove my point I tried to upload the template to another site. got the same result. check screen dump of errors.
You can't upload quick-start package via Joomla Extension Manager. It should be installed like regular Joomla installation.
A quick-start package is a fully functional and customized Joomla! package containing the default Joomla installation package, all modules, chosen template and plugins with all the configurations and data in one place.

Regards, AS Team.
AH well that explains why it wouldn't load, sorry about that I didn't realize it came with Joomla too. what threw me was that when I checked the files in cPanel it was there. Thanks for the great service guys.
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