I'd just like to say a huge thank you to AS Team. I was having a nightmare time trying to get the premium version to install, I'm reasonably clued up with computers and have remote shell access to my hosting server but every time I unzipped over SSH it just kept getting borked.

Turns out that not only does my hosting provider have a horrible CPanel and a file size restriction on FTP access, they have something weird going on with their SQL that was beyond my skills.

After about a week of scratching my head, losing sleep, grouching at everyone, and thinking of every hack in the book, I bit the bullet and paid AS the very reasonable sum of $40 to do the installation for me.

Result - they got the full site demo up and installed within a couple of hours (though I think they too were slightly mystified by the SQL anomaly for a while, lol).

But they did it, and it works exactly as I want. I was being driven crazy with this, and for $40, I can't begin to express how happy I am with the grief they've saved me. Not only do AS make great templates, they know their stuff when they're dealing with eccentric hosting providers too.

Cheers guys, and happy new year.

Best, nulldev