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Dear ASDesign,
Honesty, I was hate CMS l for my site. In my opinion CMS was look monotone and uniform. CMS is so heavy and take more time for loading. So I choose PHP, HTML/CSS for my site.
But your design change my mind. Your design so amazing and doesn't look usual CMS in my opinion before.
So I change my mind and I decide to use Joomla for my site.
I have know nothing about Joomla, but I still try to learn and would use Joomla, it's all after I look your design.
Thank you

Thank You, thank You very much!!!
Hi there..,
I got luck and successfully try Joomla for the first time in my live with your template. I love it.
$21 Dollar is fair enough for this template. Its save lot of my time and money to build site. There was many minor adjustment I have made .(sorry..) and your PHP was tricky .. , You are really just not good but GOD in PHP. Your templates too much features for my site.
Thank you and say Hi for your team.
For my second attempt, I plan to learn Joomla in 'liquid' width. I need your advise to chose template for your collection. I look for 2040 template, is that template support for liquid width ?
I hope your apologize for my bad English due it is not my nature.
Thank you again.
Best regards.
Yes, the AS002040 is a responsive template, but you should know that it was developed on the T3 Platform.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you AS Team. ,
As you say 'T3 Platform', its surprise and sound like new species :-) for me.
As long your templates 2039 make me happy I do not want to get nightmare with those new species (T3, Terminator or RoboCop). So I choose 2036 for my another site.
I hope it would be my second luck. Most of all, I hope your team would give me some assistance or support. As you know I have nothing knowledge in CMS.
Once again, Thank you and I go for 2036
Best regards
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