Good morning, I need help

as you can see below , I bought de 002046 template in nov last year.

Descripción Precio por unidad Cantidad Importe
002046 - Joomla! 3 Bootstrapped Template - Regular License $24,00 USD 1 $24,00 USD

Total: $24,00 USD
Desde un importe: 18,45 EUR
Hasta un importe: $24,00 USD
Tipo de cambio: 1 EUR = 1,30149 USD

N.º de recibo: 1304-2374-3347-7386

1) My username is jmnieto but I do not receive the new password when I click option forgot your password, perhaps the email is not valid, the right email is

The problema

2) When moving the web from one server supplier to another, an error appears in the following module in position 6

JCacheStorageFile::_deleteFolderFall borrando index.html

JCacheStorageFile::_deleteFolderFall borrando e539128811bb06fb3661bfd4a40972ec-cache-mod_articles_news-b731a07e73b4a7704179ac972b661a4c.php

the last block in position 6 (originally named clarity) has disappeared .

I tride everything, duplicate the module, the article to wich is referred, inser new one and nothing works.

Could you give me any recommendation or there is any way to restore only this module, should I update and how to do it.

Very thanks in advance