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Dear AS,

I tried a dozen time to install the template with the sample data trough quickstart.
After quickstart (unpacked) in the hostfile, i got a joomla interface with no next option to continue the installation. So i installed Joomla 3 trought my host (plesk 8.xx installatron). And after that i installed the premium zip file and the extensions. I have to manualy rearrange everything and thats a lot of work. I have seen some heplfull links here in the comments and evantualy i'll get there. Is there some datafiles that I can take from the quickstart and put them in the existing folders so i can skip a lot of work? I am missing also information and modules for the slider on the homepage.....maybe you can give me some tips.

Kindest regards,
Please follow the template documentation regarding installation the Joomla quick-start package. Before installation please be sure you have deleted all files/folders from the previous Joomla installation.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Templates,

Thanx for your quick reply. But i realy did delete everything from previous Joomla installation again. I followed the documentation exactly as on the HowTo (on this site), i dont have any other documentation (or does the download package comes with documentation?). I tried it several times and everytime it's the same thing. I am no novice regarding the normal Joomla but I have never used quickstart for Joomla.

I hope you have some clues for me so I can move on.

Kindest regards,


The template documentation you can find on the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
You have not configured the server settings, please carefully read all messages: If any of these items is not supported (marked as No) then please take actions to correct them.

Regards, AS Team.
Please remove my weblink because when i search my website on google i find my website name trough your site because i have asked questions about some problems in the past.....please delete my web link that was put in my prevouis messages.....clients are asking me about why i use a template.....thats nog good for my business......
It was removed as you requested.

Regards, AS Team.
Dear Astemplate team,

I checked again in google and still when you google the site it redirects to your site. Could you please delete this one as wel.....than it would be fine i think....i put xxxx where the sitename used to be so it would not again be searched in google and redirect it....

Kindest regards,
We completely deleted your posts, but google may still have it in the cache and you will need to wait for a few weeks till it will be cleared.

Regards, AS Team.
I realy waited long now for many weeks and the same links if you try to google the site are linked back at your site, see links donw here i changed the name of the site in xxxx.

Please remove these two links because the cache of google is already renewd and still i see the links. It's not so nice for my clients and me neighter if some one googles the site and it revers to the astemplate site.

Joomla! Template Support History - 002046 - RedDesigns Vertaal deze pagina
24 feb. 2013 - as you can see I cant choose the button for the next step.

Joomla! Template Support - Item 002046 - Page 8 Vertaal deze pagina
24 feb. 2013 - RedDesigns. POSTED: 2013-06-25. View History. I made a test site:

Please delete or change the site name of these two sites so it wont be googled.

Kindest regards,

All your posts with all urls were completely removed from our database as you have asked us. Sorry, we can't remove it from google cache.

Regards, AS Team.
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