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Can I reduce the font size or word padding/margin .

Any other position for social icons
I am using Abiva Super Table plugin.
The URL of the page is:

On saving the page first time, the plugin works, but if any editing is done to the page, the plugin stops working.
The plugin is enabled .

Even the SEO setting are not working.
I have enabled Search Friendly URLs, Add Sufix to URL and unicode Alias, but still the links are not showing that way.

The supertable plugin is not functioning properly.

The first tab shows the proper format. But the subsequent tabs , are not showing properly.
Plugins used: Tabs by Regular Labs
Supertable by

Even if I use just the normal table, then also the table boundaries do not show up properly.

Please suggest the solution
ok, no problems. If You want, I can forward the super admin details of the site. Both the plugins are already installed there
The image in the Testimonials (reviews) section is showing a lot of blank space below the image.
How to correct it.
How to display the review, so that it shows two testimonials and a slider to view more testimonials.
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Alpine PT
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