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Questions about template 002052.

Is it possible to use "shortcodes" with this template? If so, how?

If not, is it possible to make a FAQ similar to other templates that have collapsible accordions? Is this something built-in to the AS Framework, or would I have to use jquery-ui to code it myself in a custom HTML module with, say, the Sourcerer extension?

Is there an easier way to do this?

Do you have documentation on the AS Framework on which this template is designed?

Do you have more or better documentation on this template?

I found the answer on how to make a FAQ in the article named "Careers." Sorry, I'm still very new to AS Templates.

I would still like to know if you have more documentation on:

1) This Template
2) The AS Framework

Thank you.
In case to preview all settings and parameters you have to install this template using quick-start installation package, to modify any Joomla template from any author you must to have some knowledge in html and css,

Regards, AS Team.
I did install this template using quick-start, and I do have quite a bit of knowledge in html and css. I am still having trouble figuring out why some of the modules in the sample data have white boxes around them while others don't. Are the module positions hard coded with certain classes? If so, where do I look for these classes, or css selectors, or whatever controls this behavior?

And, you didn't directly answer me on the following:

Is there any more documentation on this 002052 template that what is shown here?

Have you released anywhere any documentation on the AS Framework; and, if so, can I access it? Or can you email it to me?
We are not using any suffixes, some of our module positions have different design/css, all css files you can find in the template's css folder.

If you need to modify the HTML markup, CSS styles or JavaScript files you should browse through the files and search for necessary lines. In this case will help you developer tools like Firebug plugin or Internet Explorer Developer Tool.

If you have some knowledge in css and html it will be very easy for you to use software like Firebug. Using this tool you can browse through all files and search for necessary lines, css class names and where these classes are located.

Sorry, we are providing just installation documentation.

Regards, AS Team.
Okay, thank you for the answer. Here is what I did, in case this is useful to someone else who bought the template. I used Google Chrome, which I like better than Firefox. When I saw something in the demo I liked, I pressed F12 to open the Chrome tools that are similar to Firebug. Using the "Inspect Element" tool, it was easy to see what CSS selectors you were using in the example.

The first thing I did was apply some of those selectors as module suffixes. This is the easiest experiment to try and produces instant results.

When the result wasn't exactly what I wanted, the first thing to do is notice which CCS file the style in the demo originated from. In the Template Manager > Customise Template > CSS folder this was usually either style.default.css or style.general.css. It is wise not to modify either of these files, but good to look inside at the selector you want to modify. Copy this selector to style.custom.css and modify it there any way you want.

Whatever is in style.custom.css overrides anything that is in the other css files.

This means that I can create my own styles in style.custom.css and then apply those styles as module suffixes in Extensions > Module Manager > MyModule > Advanced Options > Module Class Suffix.

These modifications are easily reversed if you keep track of what you're doing, but please back up your site before experimenting too far.

@AS Team: I'm sure you must have your reasons for not releasing documentation beyond installation. But you might sell more templates if you did! I assure you that your competitors do this! I suggest you put together more documentation similar to what I've provided here so that it can be accessed by anyone buying any of your wonderful templates. It is much easier to get the custom results wanted by knowing what to change and where, than it is to reverse engineer a demo. (Of course, I suppose that's exactly what I'm doing. But it is good to know HOW to do it.)

That said, I'm still very pleased with this template. In love with it, in fact. I hope you will publish this comment to help other people who wish to modify template 002052. However, what would really be useful is to produce an article similar to what I've written here so that people purchasing any of your templates might understand best ways to modify CSS in any of your templates.

Sincerely yours,
Zy Danielson
Greetings AS Team,

What is the purpose of the "modal" position? And how does it work?

I am using a counter that I didn't want anyone to see, so I experimented around with various positions. "Modal" seemed to work best. No one can see it, but the counter is visible to me on the back end where I want it until I'm getting more visits per day.

But I was wondering what its intended use was, and how you intended it to work.

Yes, the modal position is created for cases like yours, when you don't want that someone will see it.

Regards, AS Team.
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