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good afternoon, I wanted to know if I could you give the solution to a problem I've had, suddenly I disappeared the slider, i is enabled and visible supposed, but to put the background image when quite disappeared the slider is like if he had misconfigured, can you tell me the initial setup of the slider? forgive the inconvenience.
Hello PUXXXY23,
In this case we can suggest you to install the quick-start installation package in some demo folder and then check all parameters, or you can ask for our services, sorry our support team is not able to help you in this case.

Regards, AS Team.
First of all, Forgive me for asking so much, but I am new in joomla and I am still a little bit lost, except for the slider problem, for which I will do what you told me. I have another problem I do not know how to resolve: When I press to Buy an article, this one doesn't appear in the shopping cart, and this is why I can not finish the process of buying, because I do not have anything in the cart. forgive the inconvenience.
Hello PUXXXY23,

Please provide us with URL, we have to see the issue.

Regards, AS Team.
hello ^^

This is the url :
Hello PUXXXY23,

It looks like jquery conflict with installed twitter extension, try to disable it.

Second option is to play with the Activate Css Styles & Javascripts in the Virtuemart / Configuration / Templates.

Regards, AS Team.
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