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I purchased your package and am trying to use the quickstart file. It says upload and run. I am using godaddy. I don't think I have shell access or don't know ehat that really is. Where do I upload the unzipped quickstart files to and how do i "run it/" Is it correct that I don't want to have a preinstalled version of joomla already installed via godaddy as i would if i were just uploading the template?
Hello PHILIPA880,
You have to copy the package in the same place where already you have preinstalled joomla and then run the installation like regular joomla installation, please see the template documentation page for more info:

Regards, AS Team.
my preinstalled joomla is in a directory called httpdocs
i just copy the unzipped files and folder structure into that director and over the top of existing files, and select "overwrite all" when asked?
please advise if this is correct and i can try

as for the actual installing of the software
my "regular" joomla install is by me just selecting install joomla from my applications section of my godaddy control pannel. so what you say is not appropriate. any other suggestions
Hello PHILIPA880,
What is your website url?

Regards, AS Team.
Hello PHILIPA880,
Yes, you have overwrite all files and delete configureation.php file from your root folder, then in your browser go to your site: and proceed with the package installation like regular joomla installation, don't forget to install sample data, please see the following page for more info:

Regards, AS Team.
i have just redownloaded the quickstart and am unzipping it again and can ftp it over the top of the current install in the httpdocs dir if that is what i'm suppose to do

when i tried that before i just got the standard blank type template layout of the 002056 template

no menus, no data, no nothing... just the generic template file with the petclub logo and orange headding text

if this is just something you can do for me that would be great and i'd give you my id to login
Hello PHILIPA880,
Please see our previous post.

Regards, AS Team.
OK, I am copying all the unzipped files from the quickstart zip file and ftping them to my httpdocs folder overwritting the old joomla files now.

Are you referring to the "sample data" zip file from the Images folder that comes along with the quickstart zip, but in a different folder? Sm I going to be doing anything with the xips files in the separate "Extensions" folder?
Hello PHILIPA880,
Please see the following page, Finalisation step:

Regards, AS Team.
Yes, Ive looked that over in detail, but I never get to a point that brings up those screens.

I'll let you know what I get after this ftp transfer is done.
I get:

Could not connect to the database. Connector returned number: Could not connect to MySQL.

I tried using the database name that looked like was already associared with the joomla install

joomla_09 (Used by an installed web app)

and i tried creating a new one that i called


I'm not sure what to try or do next...???
after hunting around it looks like my host name was not localhost, but rather (i changed the numbers for security reasons) but this is a huge point for people to look at. When using Windows (Plesk) which seems godaddy must use - local host isfoound by:

Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Launch.
Click Databases.

Your database's hostname displays in the Database server column.

Do not include the port following the IP address for your MySQL databases. For example, if your Database Server is, use as your database's hostname.
Hello PHILIPA880,
We are sorry, but as you understand we can't help you in such cases, this info you can receive from hosting provider only.

Regards, AS Team.
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