Hi there!
I purchased and installed the template and some of the extensions. I didn't go with the quickstart. Now I got three questions:

1. Background: I decided to go with a black background color. Already changed the bg.wrapper.png. How do I change the color of the white stripe below the bg.wrapper.png to black? Is this also an image or do I set the color by editing a css-file (which one)?
2. Social buttons: those are displayed vertically on my page. They should show up horizontally. Where can I change that?
3. Mainmenu: the buttons corners in the lower left on the most left side and lower right on the most right side are not rounded. Is this intended and how do I round these?

The url of my page is www.gameschleuder.de. It's not online at this point and only accessible with login. If you need it, how do I give it to you?

Thanks for your help guys!