Hi, I am trying to use this template on my site but ran into a problem with the form on the Single Contact menu item. If I switch templates to Beez the contact form shows up without changing any settings, but in A002056 it doesn't show. I am currently using the free version, which I know you don't want to spend a lot of support time on, but I don't want to purchase the premium if the contact form is broken. I saw your last update was supposed to fix a bug with showing the contact form, so I'm wondering if the bug may have resurfaced with a newer version of Joomla. I'm running the 3.4.4. Apart from this one issue, I'm extremely pleased with the template and its versatility. Very well done and my phone likes it too! Thanks for any help you can offer, even if it is just a promise of tech support to resolve the issue if I purchase, although I'm hoping you'll help me out with the free version if it is a resurfaced bug. jessicatrantham.com