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Hello there

We're trying to adapt the horizontal lines which are shown in the breadcrumbs modul above and beneath the text. We found some settings in the backend - template - header configuration parameters. But we can't find a way to change for example the size of these lines (borders?).

Is there a css somewhere hidden in this template which allows us to adapt it to our needs???

Thanks for supporting already now and best regards,
Anke W.
You can change it in the styles.php file, please llok for the following class (it should be on line 256):

#header .breadrow .content
font-size: <?php echo $header_breadrow_fontsize; ?>;
border-top: 4px solid <?php echo $header_breadrow_bordercolor; ?>;
border-bottom: 4px solid <?php echo $header_breadrow_bordercolor; ?>;

Regards, AS Team.
Ups - one more problem...
If we create a submenue point in the main menue on the left side of the template you can't read it well because the items are somehow pushing into each other... Is there a css or any other opportunity to change the space / distance between the menue points?
Can you please provide us with an URL, we would like to see this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi there

We've just seen that you updated several files for this template that may solve our problem ;). Should we simply download the complete template again and overwrite the updated files in our installation?
Or would that cause any problems with the data from our site we have already edited?
Yes, please download the template from your account and overwrite the updated files.

Regards, AS Team.
THANK YOU FOR EDITING THE CSS - now it's just as it should be! :)

One last question (I hope O_o) is left. Is it possible to change the settings for an active hover in the menues/ submenues?? We were able to edit the css and change the hover colors etc like we want them to be. But we're trying to put in a active hover (so the chosen links stay in a different colour to keep a better overview). None of our attempts showed any effect.

We like this template a lot and we think it's very versatile to be customized to the individual needs. So thumbs up for this!
Do you want it like on our demo preview:

Please check, the color changes on mouse over for submenu items.
The colors you can change through the template parameters in your Joomla admin panel.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AS Templates Team

We already found the template parameters and changed the colours so it fits to the rest of our layout. But what we're surching for is the possibility to put in a ACTIVE LINK, so that the colour you see at mouse over stays if you click the link. We think it is more comfortable to the user if he sees what he has chosen. Don't you think?
We tried to put in a active link command in for example the template.css etc - but it didn't work :(.
In the template parameters is no such opportunity to find. Maybe an active link is not possible at all in this template??
This templates doesn't have such option, sorry for that. But you can create your own css and put it in the Custom CSS area in the template parameters or at the end of the styles.php file.

Regards, AS Team.
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