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Hello, I had a problem. I could not change the color of visited links. If I add in the file "tmpl.default.css" line a: visited {color: # ff0000; } Nothing happens. I noticed, for example, in the main menu if I click on a sub-menu, the color does not change. I did not understand where I can make the change. By controlling the backend of the module Menu AS and "mod_as_menu" (file mod_as_menu.xml) I thought you could add the ability to write directly there the color of visited links !!!
I see the menu (Tab Menu Option):

font family
Font Size (px)
Submenu Font Size (px)
font Color
Hover Font Color

Would it be possible to add: Visited Font Color ??? How can I do? I might add:

<field name = "vfont_color"

class = "color {required: false}"

type = "text"

default = ""

label = "Visited Font Color"

description = "The menu visited font color">

</ field>

but then I do not know I have to change other files, you could tell me how to do it or directly create an updated version of the module?

I eventually I solved by changing the hexadecimal color value in "mod_as_menu / css / ext.default.css."

I hope I can be of help to others. Thank you
and this "ext.default.css"

#as-menu > li > a:visited,

#as-menu > li > span:visited


background: none;

color: #ff0000;

We do not have such selector in our templates, but you may to create your own css and add it to style.custom.css file, or you can ask for our services using the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, I initially installed the file "" Now I want to create a "Gallery View" (as in front end: Project) but I do not understand why when I go to a new menu and I click on "Menu Item Type" on Select and then on Articles I can not choose "View Gallery - Gallery category view with isotope plugin integrated". In fact, I tried to reinstall the file "" locally and the file appears when you first install the opportunity to create a menu-item ...

So I deleted something on the site I'm working on ???

Please help me...

ok resolve...i have make an _ on templates/as002059/html/_com_content

hello friends, I do not understand why they do not appear to me these two icons? One is to make the lightbox image, while the other displays the article ...
Approaching the mouse to the image of me appears only in the article title and intro text but not these two icons, you tell me from what is generated? Thank you
What is your site url please? We have to see this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
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