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FYI - PNG Background color

The background color was dictated by a setting in tmpl_default-css

under the /* Images */ section i commented out the following line and the images displayed correctly.

.mod-custom img,
.item_img img,
.category_img img,
.item_fulltext img,
.random-image img,
aside .img-intro__left img,
aside .img-intro__right img
/* background-color: #FFFFFF; */
border-radius: 0;
When using a list <li> what needs to be changed in the CSS to:

Turn this:

* the big brown bare ate
the big brown wolf

* my house sits on to of
the hill overlooking water

Into this:

* the big brown bare ate
the big brown wolf

* my house sits on to of
the hill overlooking water

Hello VARDOG45,
Sorry, not quite understand it, where we can see an example on your site?

Regards, AS Team.
Here is the link to a test page.

In the bullet list when the test overflows to the second line it lines up under the image. How do I get all the text to line under.

Example: The first bullet have the word "and" on the second line start under the word "Reduce"

<li>Reduce the time it takes to collect, validate and process your documents and data and increase worker efficiency and overall profitability on every jobsite.</li>

<li>Documents can be deploy and managed by jobsite, groups, function or individual user</li>

<li>Capture-to-Process ensure your documents and data integrated with you construction management application as well as any other application used to run your business.</li>

<li>Use Tablet PCs, Pen &amp; Paper or both based on the user, job function or environmental conditions</li>

<li>BYOD - Your contractors, vendors and supplies download the App to their Tablet devices. You provide a user logon and all you documentation is ready and waiting for them to use. When the job is over, simply deactivate their account and make it available for the next project or user.</li>
may have forgotten the link to the page.
Hello VARDOG45,
The url you have provided is broken, please check.

Regards, AS Team.
Try now
Hello VARDOG45,
In the tmpl.default.css file please find the following class:
.page-item ul li {
line-height: 25px;
list-style-image: url("../images/");
list-style-position: inside;

and replace the value of list-style-position property to 'outside'.

Regards, AS Team.
I activated Smart Search. It currently displays the search box to the left of position 4. Where do I go to change the settings so it displays to the right of position 4?
Position 4:

in addition to showing the search box I would would like to show an image as well. When I activate both modules the display vertically (one below the other). How can I change this so the show horizontally (side by side)?
Hello VARDOG45,
This position is not designed for the search module, first you have to set bootstrap size under advanced parameters to 4 or 3 then you have to create class suffix and create for it css which will contain right floating, here you can find some info:

The created css you have to put in the style.custom.css file

Regards, AS Team.
What position in this template is best suited for the search module?
Hello VARDOG45,
It depends on your design, you can try any position.

Regards, AS Team.
Adding text under Show Title:

I would like to add some text (description) under the title for this page. Tried a few things but its not working. How do I do this?

Hello VARDOG45,
The description before page content you can put in module positions 7, 20 or 21 as a custom HTML module. All module positions you can find here:

Regards, AS Team.
All of a sudden I'm getting errors related to the database. Below is the latest one. While I can run the query to fix the issue it goes away for a while and returns.

Any idea as to why this is happening and how to permanently resolve the problem

126 Incorrect key file for table '/tmp/mysqltmp/#sql_10c1_3.MYI'; try to repair it SQL=SHOW FULL COLUMNS FROM `tprkz_modules`
Hello VARDOG45,
We are sorry, we cant help you in this case, this msg is not related to the template, probably you installed some extension or used some characters which caused this problem.
You can ask for help Joomla community:

Regards, AS Team.
On the main Product page I have content loading in Position 7. This work fine. When I click on the lick to a specific project the page opens with the same content in Position 7.

Is there a way to have Position 7 only show on the main Projects page and not when a project is displayed?

Hello VARDOG45,
You have to create a menu items for each of your products, after you will be able to manage module assignments.

Regards, AS Team.
The issue I'm having is that all of a sudden my web pages seam to have increased by 20-30px. If you go to the link below image at the top of the page is the exact width the website has been since I installed it.

I notice this anomaly after I had created a new menu item in About and accidentally added it as a sub-menu to Contact. After I changed it back to what it is now I noticed that the template pages are wider.

How would I go about fixing this without having to redo all the pages?
Is there are reason why this could automatically happen and how do I keep it from happening again.

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