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thanks! It works! :)

Have a nice weekend!
Hi there,

I've got another question: I added a few testimonials and want them to be shown. But there are only the three first ones shown in the "slideshow". When the three ones were shown the slideshow starts again with the first one. The other ones I added in the same category "Testimonials" are not displayed. Only when I click at one of the three ones that are displayed I have the chance to click me through to the other ones manually.
Please just have a look at my site under "Uber mich" - the url I already sent you a few weeks ago in my profile here ;)

You have to make changes in the extension Article Layout panel, try to change 'Amount of news in the Portal Mode' and 'Amount of pages with arts'.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi Team,

first of all: Thanks for generating new password for me. It works now :)

And now my prior request:

I have a question concerning the number of categories displayed in the gallery. Currently get only the categories "Show all" and three other ones that I have created displayed. But there are two more categories that I have already created and there are also images connected to them. If I go to "Content" -> "Category Manager" I see all categories in backend. And if I pull one of the not displayed categories over one f the currently displayed ones it also appears in the frontend. But the one category that was put behind the new one is now not displayed any more in frontend.

I hope you understand my request. My problem is, that I want 6 categories to be displayed in "gallery" section. But currently I only get 4 displayed although all categories are marked as published and all categories contain images.

NOTE: Below the galleries there is always a kind of pagination. By using this pagination the user can make other currently non visible categories visible. But I want them to appear all together on the top of the gallery page. Currently I get only the follwowing categories displayed as I open the gallery: "Show All", "Menschen", "Paare", "Erotik". When I click the "next" button at the bottom below the gallery I get also the other available category displayed at top: "Show All", "Erotik", "Akt".

So I want all available categories to be displayed at the top:
"Show All", "Menschen", "Paare", "Erotik", "Akt".

The pagination should not be displayed if possible.

Best regards,
You have to increase number of Intro Articles in the gallery menu item under the blog layout tab.
BTW, your license for our free support is expired.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi Team,

I already increased the number of Intro Articles to 8. So the categories should definetely be displayed. But they won't get shown! So please help me, I don't know what to do anymore..

PS: Can the license for the support be extended?

Best regards,
The license you can extend from your AS account -> Archive page.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi Team,

it's me again. I finally solved the problem! Because of the high number of images I had to raise the number of layout images of over 300. So no all categories are displayed. Thanks a lot!

Another last question: Is it possible to make the option "Show all" disappear? I want to link directly to one of the available categories and not to "Show all" when "Gallerie" is clicked in menu.

Thanks & best regards,
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