I assumed that after I made this template (002062) default and uploaded all content from the as002062_quickstart.zip file that the website would look and function just as the demo site does, since all images and extensions were also uploaded or installed. The site I'm working on is http://lyndafinchart.com/new_website/. As you can see, no photos or menus are showing, among other items.

I'm somewhat new to Joomla, though I'm certainly not an absolute beginner. I already developed one other site at http://www.iam4hope.com/ just so you can see that I have some experience. Did I do something wrong in my installation or do you have an installation guide that shows exactly how to get the same look as the demo site at http://www.astemplates.com/itempreview/226?

One additional note, I received error messages when I attempted to upload and install the following 3 modules from the "extensions" folder: com_phocagallery_v4.0.2.zip, mod_articles_news_adv.zip, mod_articles_single.zip. The other 5 modules uploaded and installed with no problems. Have any other issues been reported with these 3 modules? My site is hosted on Bluehost servers and I'm currently running Joomla v3.2.2. Thank you for any help you can provide.