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Hi there, I have been using the AS002062 template for a couple years now but cannot figure out how to make the AS Artslider to be Full Screen? Would I have to add a css mod? (if so can you please explain?) I would really love to be able to make the slider go full screen but need advise bc I cannot see any readily available settings for this to happen. my site is

Thanks - Jeff
ok, guess I will have to buy some other slider template to get the full screen option, since the AS Slider seems not to be able to do it....
Hello JEFF3X14,
The slider section in the template doesn't have an option to show sliders in full screen mode, this option should be developed, if you interested you may ask for our services here:

Regards, AS Team.
hmmm, interesting bc when I bought the template it came with AS Responsive ArtSlider, and your demo shows it Full screen, but you are saying for this option it needs to be customized by outside source?

I will have a look at the service section, thanks.
Hello JEFF3X14,
Yes exactly, but the template is not designed for the full screen slider as you can see it on the demo preview page:

Regards, AS Team.
OK, the slider can be full screen- but only with a full screen template- which currently I dont have I guess, but I see there are several full screen J templates on AS so that would be the option to get a new web template- but then all my external back links in will get broken too I suppose...
Hello JEFF3X14,
Yes, you can purchase any of such templates and config it accordingly to your needs,

Regards, AS Team.
ok, thanks for feedback.
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