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The template looks very promissing for presenting a lot of photos. But I have also plenty of text articles. Itwould be great if I can use 2 versions of the same template: 1) standard (whie font on black background) 2) inversed font/background colors (black font on white background).
I however getting problem trying to find out which of CSS or HTML files to change.
I like the template very much. But the ability to change invert font/background color is the key point for my decision to buy the template.

Can you please clarify what are the files/parameters in the template to edit.
Thank you for the answer in advance.
You have to make changes in the tmpl.default.css file, or you can create your own css and put it in the style.custom.css file.

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks for the prompt response! I managed to invent background image.

Now I'd like to remove horizontal gradient opacity- see

I did search for "gradient" in tmpl.default.css and in bootstrap.css. I found only one line in bootstrap.css:
"filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr='#ff151515', endColorstr='#ff040404', GradientType=0);"
and I removed it from bootstrap.css.

But the change did not eliminate the gradient.
Please clarify how I can remove the gradient from the page.

Thank you,
We are sorry, our support team can't help you in this case, for any customization requests please use our services page:

Regards, AS Team.
Please disregard my question about gradient on a background. I found that it is image "bg.wrapper.png" in /images.

Yet to let you know that there is a kind of glitch: Color body font is always white regardless the parameters setting in case you choose font Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif.
Hi there,

I paid for premium AS002062 template (PayPal). I am logged on but can't see an option to download the premium package on page

Would you advise please how to download?


It was regular PayPal payment or eCheck payment? eCheck payments takes up to 5-6 business days to receive the money.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi there,

I installed using using option "load sample data".
(you can access via URL
The template looks similar to

But there is some obvious descrepancy: - drop down menu background is light grey drop down menu background is red

demo home - not active vertical menu item is white - not active is black

I did not check further.

Any ideas about the reason it caused the descrepany & advise to fix would be greatly appreciated.
What browser do you have? Is your browser supports HTML5 elements?

Regards, AS Team.
Hejjo As team'

I tried in both Ggoogle Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (latest versions).

And I compared behaviour of
- and
in both browsers for both URLs above.

Since I asked you I managed to sinchronize menu font with your demo example via change of font color in module "As Menu" to "FFFFFF"

But I still cannot find how to change the submenu backround color to say red. Can you please clarify?

Please disregard my questions. The submenu background color is now identical to the one you have on you demo template page.

Hot sure why it has been experienced though...
Hi there,

I installed via fast install ( used DB setting "mySQL" not "mySQLi")

Still experience problem with "Main Menu" and " Main Home Menu":
- subMenu background color goes #E9E9E9 or #EAEAEA instead of #FF2200 as it is on youe Demo page.

I experience the issue in Mozilla & Google Chrome (latest versions) on Windows 7 PC and in Safari (latest versions) both on Mac OS Lion desktop and Safari on iPad.
(checked home page on 5-6 different other computers)

So it is not the client browser/OS issue. The problem seats definitely on server end.

Shortly after fast installation and change of Main Menu/Hover Font Color to FF2200 the subMenu background colors were changed shortly to the same one as on your demo.

But few days later (no changes via administrator panel) - color are again corrupted. Check my site yourself:

I di not activate J3.2 caching and I disabled CloudFlare. But it did not help.

I spent some time trying to fix the ISSUE - I repeated fast installation 2 times. But the problem is still there.
Please advise a fix.

Thank you,
Some update re submenu background color (I previously POSTED: 2014-05-30)

I created new blank DB + new folder. Then I uploaded and repeated fast installation. This time (3rd installation ina row) everything looks fine. -

I am getting a feeling that there is something glitchy on the virtual shared host server.

And I am not surprised if after few days something becomes corrupted again. So might be a good idea to research if it worthwhile to change account or host provider.

So disregard plreviously raised inquiry re submenu background color again.
Now I keep fingers crossed to see that no change after running in newly created folder for several days. %)

We checked your site, it looks good on all browsers. Some hosting providers caching data, probably that is your problem.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi there,

I installed template using fast installation and partially populated the web site. URL is:

It works OK for Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. But today I discovered that home page does not display vertical menu and flash gallery on the home page in MS IE 8. At the same time home page style 2 in MS IE looks OK.

Can you please advise a fix?

Thank you,

IE8 is too old browser which is not supported anymore by Windows from April 8, 2014. This template is based on HTML5 elements which are not supported by IE8 browser, for more info please see the item details page.
We are sorry but in this case nothing can be done, we just can add warning message on your site which will block using IE8.

Regards, AS Team.
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