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I've dowanloaded this Template as free version to check, if we can use it for our main website. I'd buy the full version, if we'd get it up and running the way we need it. I hope I can get support nevertheless...

I keep stumbeling over some beginner errors, but I can't seem to fnd the point.
I wanted to have my main menue aligned horizontally like you have in your demo.

First thing is, I can't seem to find the specific menue module that you describe in your documentation under "Position 1". All I can do is create a basic text menue in that position, which looks rather poor.

Question 1: How can I get / include the menue with the red flip out effect when hovered with the mouse? I have no menue modules in my list... In the documentantion it says "module type = As Module"...

If I can't include that menue, I'd like to try it with a standard text menue. I was at it, but trying to get rid of those red symbols left to each menue item and trying to locate the items on the lower area of the position, I acidently deleted the content of "Target position",
(see here)
which resulted in the menue items now to be aligned vertically, which is an absolute no-go.

Question 2: If no ready-made menue module is available, how can I align the menue items horizontally at the bottom (or at least center) of position AS1? And how can I remove those red triangles?
At the moment it looks like this:
(see here) (...)

I'd be very happy if you could help, we would really like to use this template because it has not such a huge slideshow like 99% of the other templates.

Thanks a lot!

We are sorry, we are not providing support for our free template version, our support is available for the premium template version only.
The premium template version comes with quick-start installation package which includes sample data and all extensions and modules, after installing this package your website will look exactly like our demo preview page, it will save days of your time.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you very much for your response. I guess I have no choice then as to chose template from somewhere else. I can't pay the template until our team agrees to finally use it. It's our job to offer a variety of suggestions from which they can chose, so we cannot buy 15 templates and then only use one.

Thanks nevertheless, I can as well understand your point of course that you can't spend hours and hours on support without earning a dollar.

You can just for $59 get an access to all our templates:

Regards, AS Team.
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