I solve all this problems with this template.. and i "install" successfull on my localhost and my hosting service. the first step is replace in all sql files include this source installation/sql/mysql. This files are: joomla.sql , sample_blog.sql , sample_brochure.sql and sample_data.sql in each file I had to replace the followin word #__ this word is before each table's name and you have to replace for a variable in configuration.php this variable is
public $dbprefix = 'vu6tg_'; for example. So when I finish the replace task I create a DataBase on my phpmyadmin and I run all SQL files that I mentioned.
So the next Step is copy the configuration.php file on the root directory and configure the followin variables
public $dbtype = 'mysql';
public $host = 'localhost';
public $user = 'root';
public $password = '';

and run the next SQL command on your database:

UPDATE vu6tg_users SET password = '4b2bb153bf50b37396796b3618e007f9:ps4JFUhrGSh4RxSJeaEuLfcc9QcRjuRv' WHERE vu6tg_users.username = 'admin';

Next you can into as Administrator with this credentials:

User: admin
Pass: admin

I hope this method resolve your problem with this template. Bye