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Hi, I bought the template medical centre, but I can not install using the quickstart, from my hosting company received information:
We kindly inform you that the error is caused by a lack of the file / home/user/domains/
inform you that the installer script line refers to the Lord to templateDetails.xml

beez3 why?
should be a medical centre
please help
yes I do, but I click install and stops when creating database tables and returns back to step 3, and so on wheel
yes, I downloaded the new version , I made the steps from this thread :
continues to be a problem , my hosting wrote:
Please note that this is not możliwe.Wartość 3000 for max_execution_time is abstract and indicates terribly optimized script . This is not a problem on our website , the designer must optimize the script , some clients do not inform us about problems with installing Joomla .

I also did a test on localhost installation has been installed well together, but the page returns an error :
Error displaying error pages : Can not find template "Proxima" .
Admin panel is not working:
Table ' medi.wy5rf_komento_configs ' does not exist SQL = SHOW FULL COLUMNS FROM ` wy5rf_komento_configs `

I bought templates from as tempaltes and never had a problem , I would like to return or exchange the template , I can not spend as much time
Give me instead acting template , please
I greet
but this morning I downloaded a new version of the template, and the problem is still,
and on the local host installs the new version is ok but the page returns an error:
Error displaying the error page: Could not find template "Proxima".
100% bought the template Medical PT
but it shows on my account (
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