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When we trying to install site.. Installation procedure of Joomla not ending.. Its stuck on Final step.
hi i want to change the back to top button but ı don't find it.where ı'm change it?
hi i fixed side by side on the main page color module with color behind the logo on the site (position1,2,3) I change the color anywhere on the site, but when I switch back to the first color I can get where they're going to make it permanent
hi i want to change position1,2,3 and head-top background but ı didn't find it. where ı'm change there?
hi i want to change position1,2,3 and head-top background color but ı didn't find there. where ı change there?
What kind of service was 3 days and still did not get the answer to this question?
Item Name:
Medical PT
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Regular License
This item may be used for a single domain only.
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