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I want just to notify that the mobile mobile seems not to work (it is blank). At least with Firefox 29.0.1.

Best regards

How can edit the "show elements" when you scroll the page?

I would like things appear before or simply load all the page.

thank you and best regards.

When I use megamenu generator, I am not able to have parent item active when a child is clicked.

Can somebody help me with this?

I don't find the code where the menu is created.

<ul class="nav navbar-nav level0">
<li data-hidewcol="1" data-alignsub="left" data-level="1" data-id="102" class="dropdown mega mega-align-left sub-hidden-collapse">
<a data-toggle="dropdown" data-target="#" href="/.../..." class=" dropdown-toggle">PARENT ITEM<b class="caret"></b></a> /* this is parent item I want to active */

<div data-width="850" style="width: 850px;" class="nav-child dropdown-menu mega-dropdown-menu"><div class="mega-dropdown-inner">
<div class="row">
<div data-width="6" class="col-xs-6 mega-col-nav"><div class="mega-inner">
<ul class="mega-nav level1">
<li data-group="1" data-level="2" data-id="103" class="mega mega-group">
<span data-target="#" class=" dropdown-header mega-group-title separator">TITLE</span>

<div class="nav-child mega-group-ct"><div class="mega-dropdown-inner">
<div class="row">
<div data-width="6" class="col-xs-6 mega-col-nav"><div class="mega-inner">
<ul class="mega-nav level2">
<li data-level="3" data-id="104" class="active"> /* This is the actived item */
<a data-target="#" href="/.../..." class="">ITEM 1</a>

<li data-level="3" data-id="105" class="">
<a data-target="#" href="/.../..." class="">ITEM 2</a>

<li data-level="3" data-id="106">
<a data-target="#" href="/.../..." class="">ITEM 3</a>

<li data-level="3" data-id="112">
<a data-target="#" href="/.../..." class="">ITEM 4</a>


Thank you and best regards
Editing my last post...

The problem happen with "alias menu items".

Normal items are active when child item is active but if I use alias menu item, there are not shown as active when click on a child.
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