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The template you sell doesn't work! Although I've unzipped the quick installation folder, there is a blank page without anything you've shown as demo. Please update the right version so I can obtain the right template I've purchased.
The first problem is the name of templates: it appears "could not find template protostar and after I've changed the template name, homepage appears without image and completely different by the demo's template. Another problem regards the T3 plugins. If I try to install the version attached into the zip file (version 2.1.3) isn't possible to install it. The right version is 1.4.3 and after I install it, I see the homepage without sliders, menus and anything I've seen during the purchasing process. Please post a right reply to solve the problem.
Just done (Default english sample data) but the result is the same (nothing changed) The latest version of plugin doesn't works because I receive an error message so the only version of plugin that works is 1.4.3 as I posted in my previous message and also, if I try to import template "proxima" from templates folder by extension menu nothing happens.
Try by yourself and post the right solution. Please!
Also the Unite revolution 2 doesn't works. I send you an email with details of error displayed. I think the template you've sell is uncomplete in any part of it. A complete revision is needed because is unbelievable how is possible sell a similar product. I'm waiting for a complete solution about the issues I've posted because I've purchased and payed a product which must work.
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Proxima PT
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