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Can i know where should i send the support ticket or email that i can send the picture attachment to get the support? Firstly i can't install like others, Once i download the file i extract and start my Installation.... i using MYSQL, i change the \installation\sql\mysql\joomla.sql 'ENGINE=InnoDB' to 'ENGINE=MyIsam' and in php.ini i change the max_execution_time = 200 and choose 'Default english sample data' as my sample data. Cannot install!! when creating database, it will automatic back to overview page! In the other way round, i install a fresh copy of Joomla Version 3.3.3, using phpmyadmin import the sample_data.sql and copy the configuration.php from the fresh copy to proxima quickstart folder and point to the same Database. THERE IS A BUNCH OF ERROR! Please guide!!! i'm using fews hours to solve! I hope i can hear from your side as soon as possible.
Alright, i just received your email. Thanks for your quick reply. will let you know the status~ thank you very much. Appreciated.
I just reply your email with error attachment, i done the restoration. But still there is bunch of error. Please guide
There is few more error~ i send you the attachment 22/8/2014 10.08AM GMT +8. I not yet receive any feedback yet from PRIMERTEMPLATES. This is an urgent case, please guide!
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Proxima PT
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Regular License
This item may be used for a single domain only.
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