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I'm sorry, but I'm writing again because I don't know where you will answer. In March 2021, I bought a website template "LT News - Joomla magazine template"from you on invoice no.AS 41160. Due to the illness, there was no time to deal with the template. Now I have started filling and editing this template, I have reached the editing of the main page slider , and when I go to the slide editor, an error is issued and editing slides is not possible. I decided to try to edit the slider in the frontend editor, it is output, but it also does not work. Does not switch to visual editing mode. I went to your site for the purpose of writing a letter and saw that this template on your site has changed. There is no longer a home page slider on it.

Hence the questions:
1. Tell me what to do with the slider?
2. How can I edit it now?
3. And in general, how will my purchased template work now?

Waiting for an answer.
I am writing again. However, there are two questions today.

Question 1.
Earlier I addressed you with a question about editing the slider of the main page of the website template "LT News - Joomla magazine template". You gave me the address of the link to the documentation for this template. I read it in detail, paid attention to editing the slider, but the documentation describes editing the slider is NOT THE ONE THAT IS INSTALLED IN the TEMPLATE!!! I repeat the question again: how do I edit the slider of the main page?

Question 2.
PROBABLY MORE IMPORTANT. I decided to check the SEO optimization of the site during the check, the program analyzing the site does not see the H1-H3 tags, the text of the article itself, the article's disclaimer. In the program, error 301 is issued for all these items-the data has been moved to always. +++Tell me how to fix this error, because SEO optimization of the site is an important factor in the ranking of the site.
Website -
Waiting for an answer.
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LT News
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