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A very good template, unfortunately not for e-commerce...
I lose a lot of time trying to find which mistake I made during the installation process with the shopping cart, until I run the demo here to discover that the official demo had the same error message !
You should definitively fix that bug, or otherwise don't sell this template claiming it includes e-commerce solution.

Run the demo, go to any shop, put something in your cart, then go to view cart.
What a nice and flashy error message ! Sure your clients won't go any further !

I'm sure it's not a big bug, the "images" js cart is trying to create aren't important, but please fix it, the rest of the template is really good.

Rate 5 for the show, but for e-commerce...need to find another one.
Hello again,

Great news ! it all works now !
I turn some plugins on ( Extension/Plugin manager/ enable almost everything), and now the error message has disappeared.
Unfortunately I cannot say which one was the culprit, I tried to repeat the error again, but I've not found yet, and there are so much plugins ! And I admit that I'm too happy with a working template to put it down again...
Should you find what was at stake, could you post a comment again, I'd be glad to pass the information to the J2store team that was quite helpful as well.

All the best,

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Entertainer PT
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