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Hi there,

I purchased this template today. It said both 2.5 and 3 joomla were supported but only came with a joomla 3 install package. When I installed with 2.5 it gave me a whole host of jquery errors etc. Please assist.

Hi there, a side note to the previous comment. I tried to install the quickstart package in joomla 3x and it gave me a jinstaller error no xml file.

Thanks again for your support.
Thank you! I think I will give Joomla 3x a try first. If I have any issues with 3x ill contact you for the 2.5 version. Thanks again.

Hi there,

I was able to load joomla and the website perfectly however I am having issues with the Joomla admin. The "save", "save & close" and "save new" buttons do not work for several sections. I cannot save any changes in Global settings or to any modules. Cancel is the only button that functions in these sections.

Thank you for your assistance.
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Entertainer PT
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