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I have just purchased this template. I normally install via softaculous. When I upload in Joomla I get error. That the installer file was not found. I am not able top upload the template. Any fix to this. I have never come across such an error with my experience, It seems the version lack some components. I had purchased the regular license. Can you assist or I can try purchase a different one. I will try purchase a different one. May be you can refund me. Thanks
username: fndayahoze
SO I am trying install using the quickstart at
I finally got to the installation wizard
But I get stuck at the database level,

this is the message I am getting
Could not connect to the database. Connector returned number: Could not connect to MySQL.

Any fix to this?
It seems I am not allowed to install through this means, what does this mean, any help?

This is the other error I am getting using quickstart installation:
An error occurred while trying to create the database store1.
The user may not have enough privileges to create a database. The required database may need to be created separately before you can install Joomla!.
Hi there thanks for your assistance. This is a strenous exercise to install using this akeeba. Anyhow I get blocked at step 7, that is the step I cannot cross because of database username and database password. I normally install using manual softaculous, I do believe something is unusual with this template. It looks like something is missing. Or some kind of versions,etc. So I will kindly request that you refund me. Thanks
Just for your info I am using joomla CMS already. I use it through my provider and it is straightefoward. But when I use it says that the install file is missing in the template. So that is why I am requesting a refund. I cannot even upload the template into my joomla CMS!
Can you please refund me! I know how to install the templates. I have installed a lot. I instlall directly from the server using softaculous. It has never given me a problem. For some reasons joomla cannot find the install file. The install file is missing. So something is wrong with the template. My passwords are confidential. So I cannot share them with someone else. I think I will request you to refund me. Is your template inline with the latest version of joomla? The insrall file is missing from the template or joomla cannot find it! Please refund. I need to build my ecommerce very quickly.
I visited your template today. There is a huge discrepancy between the original template I purchased and today version template. You modified the files and I feel this is not good practice. This is the template I purchased.

And this is the template you are now offering:
This is the wrong template you are adding on my file!!!
This is the template that I purchased

You asked me to send you a screen short on your page but you have no option to attach a file! I feel like you are playing games. I am giving you two days to refund me my money. Or else I will file a dispute.

As templates

Our investigation department found that you used wrong comment page. Please ask all your questions right here :

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Regards, AS Templates Investigation Department.
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LT Fashion
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