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Dear template crew, I am preparing a multilangual site with your beautiful template for an artist friend. However, after 22 hours of struggling I have to give up because I cannot get the menus from the Dutch and Indonesian version working properly (home and articles in About Hetty Ansing). Would you please be so kind to take a short look and put me back on the right trail again. Site name: Ansing, login: admin - pw: hetty&jan, kind regards Leo
Hello LTHEME, this is a bit too easy kind of support and disappointing. I use Joomla 3 multilangual system and suspect the template to have a problem with the helix module, which I cannot solve myself. It is not possible to add submenu's to a menuroot item in an addes language and to HOME button does not appear in the mainmenu.
I am not familiar with Falang and do not want to loose all translation work done until now. How can I get support for my problem? Thanks very much in advance for your reply.
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LT Art Studio
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