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I bought this template. Unfortunately, it creates crashes on my website when I activate a Google Analytics plugin.
Do you know, if there is an other Google Analytics Script within that template (I can't see any settings where I could set my UA-Number).
The same plugin works with other templates.
Hello AXYLO45,
Which plugin did you use for Google Analytics?

Regards, AS Team.
I used and it worked perfect with another AS Template (ET Solar, also payed version).
Hello AXYLO45,
Just installed it on our demo server, everything works just fine, what PHP version do you have?

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks for the detailed support, could you please try to install the following module and see, if sliders get loaded on your side?

It did not work on my server (also eg. the AS Menu for mobile didn't work anymore).

I think, the template / DD Google Anaytics interaction leads to a crashed Java and stops all other execution.
PHP currently set to 7.1
Hello AXYLO45,
We are sorry, we are not able to provide support to the extensions which are not included in the template package.
In this template we are using AS Superfish menu:

Regards, AS Team.
Well, it's not the other extension which does not work. It's your template that is blocking the site. If I use the same constallation of plugins with an other template (eg. ET SOLAR), it works. So it must come from somewhere in your template.
Please advice.
Do you have any news on that?
Do you have any news on that?
Hello AXYLO45,
We are sorry, the DD Google Anaytics is not our product and we do not know why it crashes all extensions, probably there is some jQuery conflict.

Regards, AS Team.

I know that the PlugIn is not your product. But this PlugIn works with all other templates I'm actually using. So it must come from your template.

I also saw now that this template is quite outdated, so it's might worth an updated code - specially if you let people pay for it.

So, thanks for building in jQuery no-conflict ability.

So, here's what the plugin development says: the plugin does not even use jQuery and just adds a regular script header following the Joomla Standard proposals.
Just checked out again with the standard Joomla Templates: as soon as I stop using AS Template 002073, the whole site works as expected.

So, it's something on your site.
I received support of a professional software developper and your template messes up jQuery noConflict stuff. We fixed it by manipulating the templates noConflict handling. It wasn't the fault of the PlugIn and it could have happened with many other PlugIns too, because template coding was not cleanly done.

So you should update your template.
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