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Hello PT,

I want to make the site for 2 languages.
But by install it is not possible because the back-up system.
If i instal 2 another languages and i publish the system-languagefiltre the site doesn't work anymore. To make an article or catagory i can not choose for anther language.
What to do?

Thanks in froward.
Okay, than i need your e-mail adres.

So, a second question. I want to change the background image, total under (the green gras with buildings, New York, Paris e.g). How i can change it?

I have contact you by form, but still now no reaction.
Other questions:
1. How i can change English text 'Top Destinations' module into other Language text?
2. How i can change 'lorem ipsum...' text under photo by top destinations?
3. Then; I want to change text ' Holiday offer' into other language and $ into €.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Primertemplates,

1 - I know and i tried, but it doesn't work. no change will appear in the frontend.
2 - I tried, but i don't see that faketext in any section or textbox.
3 - I made a printscreen, i can sent it to you if you give me your e-mail adress.
Hi Primer Templates,

Can you tell me what the new files are, or how i can update, to update to version 5.0, now i have 2.0.
I have to renew my license.
Thanks in forward.
Hi PT,
I renewed license.
Yes, not yet compatible with php 7. I think i have made some changes in custom.css file.
I have send you an email.
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Travel PT
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