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How can I change the green backgroud color of the "Quote of the day" to another?

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I have already made this change, but it does not change. First of all, I created a "Language Switcher" Module with two languages. Also, I recreated the template style with another name, which I use in the second language. In the first language, I can do changes, but in the second when I edit the style "Box Secondary Background" nothing happens...

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I noticed that the second style does not work correctly in the second language, although I have created it with "Duplicate" Button in Joomla...

Unfortunately, the site is not online yet. Could we check with teamviever?
When Ι complete it, Ι will upload it in order to see it my customer.

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My time is the same in Greece. Whenever you want I can open teamviewer and send you the codes to connect.

I will be waiting to tell me the time that you want.

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I installed the "Universal AJAX Live Search" module at "Megamenu" position.
I would like to not be displayed on mobile view. I edited the "template style" to not displayed on mobiles, but nothing happened.
How can I fix it?

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