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I'm completely lost! I've made several websites with AS templates but this one comes with no instructions and LT Theme's instruction from their website is out of date and confusing. I can upload the template to my backend without sample content, but cannot work out how to successfully install the quickstart package.

I've tried to install the quickstart file in the same way as your other templates, but this one uses Akeeba and has left me confused!

Can you provide up to date instructions, please?

OK. So the only way I could get this to work was extracting the files on my Mac then uploading them separately. This worked; I have a site with full demo content. However, I cannot get into the back end.

site is

I've checked the user and password info in the config file to make sure I'm using the correct details but the /administrator page just refreshes when I try this combination. I've tried everything i can think of.

What can I do next?

I already tried the cookie_domain from previous experience, but not the cookie_path. That worked, so all now OK. (didn't have a live-domain entry).

Hello Again!

Is it possible to hide the megamenu for a selected page (a landing page, for instance)? I've tried everything I can but with no success.

Sorry to disagree, but this doesn't work. I'm talking about the main menu across the top -- the Mega Menu. The only control for this appears to be on the template menu option where you can select:

Mega Menu and Off Canvas
Mega Menu
Off Canvas

Selecting Off Canvas (only) disables the Mega Menu from all pages. Nothing else I have tried has any effect on the Mega Menu. I cannot find any other menu or module that controls the Mega Menu. If I add a menu item to the Main Menu it appears in both the Mega Menu and the Off Canvas Menu, but selecting Menu Assignments effects only the Off Canvas Menu, not the Mega Menu.

I know my way around the Joomla CMS having built lots of websites, but this is the first Mega menu/Off Canvas menu I have worked with and it's not working like I'm used to.

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